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Cycling for Sanctuaries Talk with Aaron Prasad – Non VVoA Event

June 18 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


FARRM will be hosting a talk with Aaron Prasad of Cycling for Sanctuaries on June 18 at Althone Community League!

There will be food (vegan; details TBD) and FARRM merch available after the talk.

About Aaron

Aaron is a self-proclaimed adventure cyclist who has been plant-based/vegan for over a decade. Originally motivated by the potential health benefits of stuffing his face with plants, he now engages in activism by riding his bike and being vegan. The evolution of his understanding, and his desire to express empathy first, before anything else, follows several experiences that “activated” him to see the lives of the beings around him in a different way. He believes that we are able to be our best selves, our most powerful selves, by tapping in to our inherent compassion and using it to inform our daily actions.

His message, “Optimizing the Human Experience (by being vegan),” is his take on why we need to be using compassion at the start of our decision-making processes if we want to be operating to our fullest potential. This message was crafted through the thoroughly-examined lens of his own experiences (and inexperience) while pedaling 3,400km up and down the mountains of Colombia, and it shares song, dance, laughter, and tears, combining stories and science, anger and love.

His current project is what he believes to be the ultimate expression of his beliefs, and the latest iteration of his experiments in discomfort and humanity. He will be attempting to ride close to 8,000km through Canada, meeting with fully activated human beings (sanctuary operators) along the way, and using the attention his project receives to give them the spotlight.

Other projects in his past include sanctuary-partnered events like a 12-hour spin bike ride, a 31-day hunger strike (and strength experiment), and his very first attempt at adventure cycling only a few years ago, riding 600km+ on the coast of Colombia…having never travelled by bike before.

He owes his current understanding of the world to the lessons animals have taught him, and he hopes we as humans can follow their lead.

His other athletic endeavours include swimming around an island in the Mediterranean, twice conquering the famed Alto de Letras road cycling climb (81km long, most recently with a fully loaded bike), and his latest, returning from 3,400km through the country of Colombia (including over 35,000m of total elevation gain).

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Athlone Community Hall
13010 129 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5L 1J3 Canada
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