Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta

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The Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta non-profit is funded by the kind donations of people like you. VVoA uses donations to produce educational materials for tabling events, update our lending library (located at Earth's General Store), and promote a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. You can rest easy knowing that even the smallest donation makes a huge difference and allows us to continue promoting plant-based living, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. By making a donation to VVoA, you can help inspire others to get involved and support the organization's mission.

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Our Donors and Supporters

Without our amazing donors and sponsors we would not be here. A heartfelt thank you to our biggest supporters who help make our work possible and allow us to continue promoting a sustainable vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. We are grateful to their commitment to our mission and for the positive impact they are helping us create. Thank you to these amazing individuals and businesses for being a part of the VVoA community:

  • Meghan Ableson
  • Nikki Lonsbury
  • Sandra McFadyen
  • Brenda Minty
  • Monique Johnston
  • Kimberly Dykin
  • Jackie Pearce
  • Kimberly Stronski
  • Giulietta Kinahan
  • Darlene Crane

Thank You!

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