Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta

Who are the Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta?

Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 to serve people who are interested in learning about, adopting and/or maintaining a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. VVoA is a non-political and non-religious organization run solely by volunteers.

We envision a world where people think critically about their food choices, where growing numbers of businesses, community groups, and organizations inspire people to make healthier, greener, more compassionate choices, and where nutritious, sustainable, plant-based foods are accessible to all.

We pride ourselves on providing expert information, celebrating Alberta's diversity, embracing our grassroots, volunteer-driven history, and being fiscally and socially responsible, and environmentally conscious.

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Our Mission

We advocate for the adoption of a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle for healthy, ethical and sustainable living. Based in the historically progressive province of Alberta, we provide a community where people can meet, learn, share ideas and information, and interact with others interested in living compassionately for a better world.


How VVoA Came to Be

Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta (VVoA) was originally established as Vegetarians of Alberta when Glen McLean first initiated vegetarian potluck picnics in the Edmonton river valley in 1989. The name change, to include vegans, came around 10 years later acknowledging the rapidly growing popularity of veganism. The goals have always been to support people following, and new to, the vegetarian or vegan diet and to educate the public.

When the organization was formed, it was not common for everyone to own a computer, there was no viable internet for information and there were very few people who followed, or had even heard of vegetarian/vegan diets. There were no “fake meats”, dairy-free cheeses or tofu products in the stores.

The organization grew from potlucks to guest speakers including Neal Barnard, Howard Lyman, Vesanta Molina, Brenda Davis, Paul Watson, and many more, video showings, a quarterly newsletter, the diners club, our lending library, discounts, tabling and other educational events.

In 2018, VVoA introduced Edmonton's first VegFest, followed by an even bigger VegFest in 2019. Both VegFest events were very well attended and raised awareness of plant-based eating. Potlucks have been ongoing since VVoA began (other than the 2 years when Covid was at a peak). We also have monthly diners' events at a variety of restaurants, a members-only lending library at Earth's General store, and our summer VegFest event.

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